Eating burgers and being cute


Yep, same here!

I’m sure you’re aware that there’s a big stigma around burger eating.  It’s not unheard of to hear people say…

‘They’re the devil’

‘They’re unhealthy’

‘You’ll regret it’

You get my drift?

Now I’m not a fitness expert, dietitian or anyone who can really offer any sort of expert advice [stay with me here] but personally, I believe these phrases are little OTT. My opinion is that you should (and can) enjoy the food you love, so if you love a good burger, GO DOWN TO YOUR LOCAL BURGER JOINT AND ORDER A BLOODY BURGER!!!


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key. If you master the balance of exercise and eating right  you’ll be able eat burgers guilt free – honest! (I’d recommend checking out Holly_healthandfitness‘ approach to healthy living – she’s such a babe and knows how to get the balance just right!)

So now we’re all clear that eating burgers is fine (smiles all round), I think it’s best I tell you about the hottest [and cutest] new burger joint in town!

Living with wills blog - BOO

Boo is situated on London Road in Leicester and is seriously the cutest place to grab a burger I know.

I heard about Boo this Summer after a really exciting call from my good pal, frostinspace. She told me about the new menu, adorable name and how the rumour was that it was now being called the must-visit burger joint in Leicester.


We headed to BOO the very next night and boy we were over the moon with our burgerlicious new find…

Living With Wills Blog - BOO

Heading down to Boo with a pescetarian and someone who simply wasn’t a feeling a burger that night (don’t ask!) was the perfect opportunity to test out Boo’s exciting new menu!

I was a running a little late to the date night so I asked my girls to order the most ‘has it all – but no spice’ burger on the menu. They ordered me the HAYSTACK and it certainly didn’t let me down.

The HAYSTACK is a burger with the perfect combination of lightly fried onion rings, gherkins and some delicious, thick american cheese, all served in ‘the millennials’ favourite’ brioche bun.

Living With Wills Blog - BOO

What I must say about the HAYSTACK is is that although it’s got a lot going on in there, it’s not heavy or stodgy, in fact it’s actually really light – a perfect win if you want something ‘substantial’ to eat before heading further down London Road for a night in town!

What I loved most about this burger was the generous portion of gherkins (you can actually add more gherkins to your meal for no extra charge – how awesome is that?!). The gherkins were where what I call ‘PROPER GHERKINS’, they weren’t just a pathetic, slimy slither like some outlets offer, they were big, fresh and had a decent C-RUNCH! Being a massive gherkin lover, these went down a real treat for me!

The BOOLOUMI was the vegetarian option we were also really intrigued about. We first of all loved how BOO had added their own cutesy touch to the classic halloumi burger name and secondly and how light and low on grease it was to pick up and eat – I’d say this is the perfect choice if you intend to head to BOO with your new squeeze. #DATEFRIENDLY

We also had to try out the NUGGETS – can you really give your verdict on a burger joint if you haven’t gave the nuggets a try?! These were also pretty damn good!! They were chunky, meaty and left you wanting more (even though your belly is full). I’d definitely recommend ordering these on those #INEEDNUGGETS days.

It also wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention BOO’s special and secret blue drink! The flavour really puts the ‘OO’ in BOO, one of those that really get you saying ‘what is this?’ ‘I know this!!’. Remember blue WKDs? And the blue ice-pops your parents used to give you as kids? It tasted just like that! It was SOOO good, YOU NEED TO TRY IT!

Living With Wills Blog - BOO

So if you’re up for a cute night with girls or maybe a first date, I’d really recommend sticking BOO in your sat-nav and popping by. [Postcode: LE2 1EB]

Oooh, did I mention they do take-out too? So if you’re on the go but fancy a quick burger, BOO have got you sorted!

Living With Wills Blog - BOO

Fancy checking BOO out on Instagram? Click here – and don’t forget to share your pics online with the hashtag #booburger






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